Is AeroPay Express like other ways of financing my invoices?

No. AeroPay Express is a simple service where your supplier can send you their invoice to get paid. You simply handle the invoice the same way you are now. When you approve the invoice your supplier will be paid by AeroPay and you will get extended terms.

Do I have to have my staff learn or use new software in addition to what they are already using?

No. AeroPay Express is designed to streamline communication between you and your suppliers. Our system is not integrated into your ERP or accounting software so AeroPay Express can’t jeopardize your security settings. Employees will not need to change the way they currently work.

How long is the implementation process?

Typically, between 3-4 days and is handled by AeroPay Express’s IT staff. AeroPay Express digitizes the invoices (E-invoicing) and will forward all invoice copies, back up and digital files directly to you by email.

How secure is my data? Are my suppliers going to be able to see each other’s data?

AeroPay Express’s primary responsibility is the safety and privacy of your data. Our platform is completely separate from your ERP or accounting software. We have no access to your data. We follow all standard security practices to ensure complete compliance for our software.

As a buyer, do I need to invest in bringing AeroPay Express to my suppliers?

Not at all. Once you sign up with AeroPay Express, we do all of the onboarding of your suppliers. Supplier participation is totally voluntary. We do inform the buyer that signing up to accept AeroPay is free to them until they use the service. They can use it for all invoices or only a few when the need arises.

How much does it cost?

It is free for buyers. Suppliers pay a small fee when they elect to get Early Paid. Part of that discount goes back to you the buyer.

Why would I elect for Early Pay?

AeroPay Express is a way to generate supplier rebates for your company. AeroPay Express can turn your AP department into a profit center while cutting data processing and vendor relationship costs.

The buyers only requirement is to mark the supplier invoice paid by credit card and change the beneficiary within the ERP system from the supplier to AeroPay Express. AeroPay Express will send an early pay settlement report and a monthly statement which you can use to pay multiple suppliers with a single payment.


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To apply for credit with AeroPay Express fill out an application here. Submitting electronically will enable the most efficient processing of your application.