• Trade war with China is driving buyers to look at other markets for suppliers

• Less mature markets such as Malaysia, India, and Vietnam do not have established supply chain credit infrastructure

AeroPay Express is positioning itself to be the brand name partner with international suppliers to provide credit infrastructure.

International Benefits



AeroPay Express …


  • Eliminates the need for costly Letters of Credit
  • Eliminates currency fluctuation risk
  • Eliminates Hedge forwards and window forwards
  • Can provide extend terms to buyers
  • Can provide thousands in Early Pay Rebates
  • Can pay in most world currencies

AeroPay Express Early Pay



  • Pay any supplier anywhere in the world domestic & international
  • Flexible terms to meet needs of both buyer and seller
  • Monthly Cashback rewards to buyers
  • Simplified onboarding
  • No system integration required
  • Fraud protection




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To apply for credit with AeroPay Express fill out an application here. Submitting electronically will enable the most efficient processing of your application.