Your Virtual Procurement Business Credit Card.
Leveraging Supply Chain Finance to Fuel Mid-Market Growth

Use the AeroPay Express card to make payments to any supplier or vendor you buy from anywhere in the world.


• Vendors are quickly paid cutting down on vendor collection calls

• Get one convenient statement listing all purchases

• Pay multiple vendors and invoices with one check

• Paper Invoices are converted to E-Invoices for easier handling

• Receive extended terms on your vendor invoices

• Get a monthly cash rebate on all of your purchases


• Improved cash flow by eliminating receivables 

• No special equipment is required to accept AeroPay 

• Vendors don’t need to sign up to accept AeroPay early payment 

• Vendors don’t need to finance or factor buyer invoices accepting AeroPay

• Improve Cash Flow

• Receive extended payment terms

• Reduce data entry of payables

• Reduce Vendor and supplier calls

• Receive Cash Back for fast pay

• Cut down receipt of paper invoices

• Customized Vendor Portal


Move All Your Vendors to Electronics Payment


To apply for credit with AeroPay Express fill out an application here. Submitting electronically will enable the most efficient processing of your application.